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We make amazing furniture as you want it.
We make amazing furniture as you want it.
We love nature and so believe it is our responsibility to make rustic furniture that is environmentally friendly.

We love nature and so believe it is our responsibility to make rustic furniture that is environmentally friendly.

We’ll always be committed to making things better.

At Live with wood we take seriously our environmental responsibilities in regard to the impact of all company activities on the environment, which is why:

1. Raw materials.

All our timber comes from sustainable sources and is FSC certified. 

FSC helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife who call them home and is recognised by WWF as the “hallmark of responsible forest management”.

2. Reduce Deliveries.

We used to deliver our products all over the UK with our own delivery vehicles, this means lots of wasted miles and lots of fuel being used leaving a massive carbon footprint. Now we offer the Click and Collect from our workshop, and when we do deliver furniture we use carriers. Using carriers means less wasted mileage, and less impact on the environment.

3. Plastic Packaging. 

When our furniture is delivered/collected we never use plastic wrapping. We always use carriers who provide reuse-able blankets, and we always encourage Click and Collect customers to bring blankets/sheets when collecting their furniture to reduce waste which would normally go to landfill.

4. Wood Waste.

We always try to keep wood waste to a minimum where possible but it's inevitable we are going to get some waste, but what we do with that waste is whats important.

The wood off-cuts we get are either given to schools etc for projects or given to people for wood burners, patio heaters, etc.

The Shavings we make are collected in our state of the art extraction system, then these bags are collected weekly and given to a local equestrian centre for animal bedding.

5. Paint and Wax.

All the wax we use is Toluene Free, low aromatic, and is very environmentally friendly.

All the paint we use is water-based, this means less harmful chemicals going into the atmosphere. 


6. Other Things.

As well as the things listed above, we have many other small but important actions we are taking to reduce our impact on the environment like:-

Water based Adhesives.

Paperless office. (all our systems are computer based).

Work from Home. (all our office staff work from home where possible).


By designing and producing furniture that is of a high standard of craftsmanship, and using quality materials, our furniture will have the potential to last generations. In contrast to the mass produced products abundant in the industry our products will hopefully avoid landfill and be fully recyclable at the end of their life.


Michael Mellors-Pursglove (live with wood founder)


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