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The Live with wood story from the founder Michael Pursglove. - Live With Wood

The Live with wood story from the founder Michael Mellors-Pursglove.

A British Business Passionate about Woodwork.

Live with Wood was born in a garden shed in 2007, to its founder and current owner Michael Mellors-Pursglove. Here, he designed and built his first curved top media unit; this one of a kind product is still one of the company's most popular pieces to date.

Since then, Live with wood has grown into a top British brand in the solid wood joinery and furniture industry, selling their timeless, rustic furniture and joinery products to customers up and down the UK. Michael makes up the second generation of joiners in the Pursglove family, following in his father's footsteps. 

"I have always had a passion for woodwork. It is so gratifying to begin with a simple piece of wood, and follow the painstaking process of shaping it into something amazing. By the end, you have a piece that practically speaks to you, and to be able to step back and share it with others is so rewarding." Says Michael. 

The company is now situated in a new 4000 sq ft manufacturing unit in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, with sales office, and with the help and support of our highly passionate sales team, craftsmen and craftswomen, Michael is looking forward to a bright future in the profession he loves. 

About our Materials.

At Live with wood, we work with the finest Timbers, which we import from sustainable sources all over the world because we care just as much about the environment as we do about making our products. Quebec Pine is one timber we use, it is a beautiful timber with a unique, rustic feel. As well as this, it is a very dry and stable wood. It is a slow growing timber and we finish it in the finest beeswax polish to emphasise the natural beauty of the wood.  



Live with wood consists of a team of very passionate craftsmen, some of which joined us as school leavers, and worked their way through apprenticeship schemes to become fully qualified cabinet makers. Some of the machinery we use is pre-war, in order for us to achieve an authentic, timeless finish on every piece of furniture we create.

We use a range of traditional joints in our pieces, including dovetails, mortice and tenons to make our furniture able to withstand a lifetime of use.

The End Result.

Every individual piece that leaves our Derbyshire workshop has been produced with love, passion and skill.

Each of our pieces are hand made from start to finish by one of our craftsmen and are never mass produced. Our craftsman will take your ideas and work with them, able to cater to your needs and gift you with a Solid wood product you can truly be proud of.

We believe that your furniture should be made by our family and go on to become a part of your family.

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