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We make amazing furniture as you want it.
We make amazing furniture as you want it.
The reason we lead the way.. - Live With Wood

The reason we lead the way..

Handmade, Custom-Made, and Made-to-Order: Why You Deserve All Three..

Consider a piece of Live with wood solid furniture made from Quebec Pine, imported from renewable resources in Canada. Hand made by a master furniture maker in the historic town of Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Quebec pine is dramatic, bold, and rich, with colours ranging from light white/yellow to rich browns with an androgynous appeal. This wood is suitable for dainty and feminine furniture, as well as robust and masculine pieces. It is versatile and, considering the market price of Quebec furniture in general, intrinsically valuable.

What gives this furniture the most value, however, is not its appearance or price tag but rather that an artist made it specifically for you the buyer. In short, the furniture is valuable because it is custom made, handmade by the artisan, and was made-to-order.

These are three things that automatically add value to furniture. Unfortunately, today, many use these terms loosely when describing the process of making furniture. Some manufacturers use them interchangeably even though their meanings are very much distinguishable from one another.

Avoid misleading marketing tactics that take liberties with these terms by learning what they truly mean.

Every piece of furniture we create is custom made from quality raw materials to your exact dimensions and design. Our highly skilled team takes great pride in every element of the process, from design to cutting the boards to hand assembling and sanding at the bench, before hand finishing it in our quality bees-wax or one of our unique chalk paint colours.

Our hand crafted, bespoke and custom made furniture gives you complete freedom to have your dream furniture made to your exact requirements. No need to compromise, we can make the style that suits you, hand waxed or painted in the colour of your choice.

Choosing the right ironmongery for your furniture may not be as easy as originally thought. There is a huge amount of choice and variations available with cabinet hardware, making it a little bit more difficult for you to decide. Nothing to worry about, here at Live with wood we have suppliers from all over the world so no matter what theme you go for, forged steel, copper, brass, glass we can supply exactly what you require.

Behind every piece of furniture that we make lies considered design, selection of the best quality materials and skilled craftsmanship.

Our ethos is to produce the highest quality furniture that is sustainable not only through material selection, but by creating furniture that lasts and can be passed on through generations.

At Live with wood we make each item to order, completely from scratch - so there's no reason why you shouldn't get your new furniture made to a size and spec that suits you. Our in-house design team can assist you with any questions, offer design solutions and advice, giving you the freedom to tweak our designs or work from your own ideas.

For us all, carpentry has been a lifelong passion; it’s personal. That’s why when you choose Live with wood, you’re guaranteed a truly exceptional piece of craftsmanship. Get in touch with us today and discover the difference our handmade furniture can make to your home.


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