Even though live with wood has grown over the years to become a better company, we have never grown so much that we no longer care about every single customer that we have the pleasure of doing business with.

Every piece we make is still hand-made with love and passion, just like the first piece I made back in 2007.

We are just a small family business, which contains a small group of passionate people who really do care about you the customer.



It all started here in 1982 working in my fathers DIY and joinery business. Then after leaving school in 1984 I entered the business and started learning the trade.

In 2007 my father decided to retire and I decided I wanted to start a business making Furniture and selling it all over the UK.

Live with wood was born in this Garage.

In 2008 I was offered this old pit canteen to run my business from. It was cold and the roof leaked, but it gave me a good place to start.

In 2009 I finally moved into this modern industrial unit and the business started to grow massively. Our products were becoming very popular and I realised I needed to recruit some staff.

In 2011 this industrial unit became empty opposite our current workshop so I decided to take the plunge and grow the business. We recruited staff and the business started to expand.

2020 Pandemic time.

This was probably the biggest challenge in our 15 years of trading, we signed for our Brand New premises in Chesterfield 2 weeks before the Covid pandemic hit the country.

We moved into our new premises and tried to recruit people to get our machinery installed and try to get the business up and running.

Unfortunately we had to mothball the business for three months as the pandemic worsened, and we had to wait until July 2020 to start to manufacture from Chesterfield.

Now we can finally get back to normality, as we move away from Covid and return to life as we once knew it. We have changed so much over the years, we have made mistakes, and we have learned from then to make the business stronger.

But one thing I never want to lose is the personal service that was bred into me by my father back in 1982. He told me to always do your best, and always treat people with respect and honesty, and thats something we will never ever lose at Live with wood.