Covid-19 FAQ's

Hello everybody,

                         We are in a very unusual situation at the moment and have never experienced anything like this before. Here at Live with wood the safety of our staff and customers is paramount. We have taken the decision to close the workshop and showroom at the moment until the virus is under control and we are allowed to reopen. When we reopen the business we will start where we left off. We have several orders underway in the workshop as well as several finished that are ready for delivery or collection. We are sorry about the inconvenience but we have no choice in this matter and have been told to close by the British Government.

We have listed below some question we think you may ask with answers to help.


Can I still order on the website?

Yes you can still order on the website as normal and your order will be put onto our system.


When are you re-opening?

We can't give a definite timeframe on the closure as we don't know yet and would only be guessing.


Is my order still going to be fulfilled? 

Yes your order will be fulfilled as normal once we re-open. We will have a backlog to clear as you can understand.


Are you still moving to Chesterfield? 

Yes we are still moving to Chesterfield and we may be in the new premises when we re-open.


Can I still contact you?

Yes you can email or call 01773832476 or use the chat facility on the website. Please note we cant give updates on orders whilst we are working from home.