About me

Live with wood is owned by Michael Mellors-Pursglove (Mick) a master joiner with decades of experience and limitless designs.

Working directly with clients, interior designers, architects and developers, Live with wood collaborate to present style and individuality to homes, private residences, hotels and commercial premises.

Live with wood presents a bespoke design service, with every piece handcrafted by talented craftsmen in Britain. Designed in the Chesterfield workshop, the team works with the finest sustainably sourced quality materials.

Michael Mellors-Pursglove.

In the beginning.

Born in Derbyshire in 1968 Michael was working with wood from an early age.
Sitting in his grandfathers garage with a bag of rusty nails and some old firewood, it quickly became apparent that this small boy was addicted to woodwork.
As he grew he followed in his fathers steps and entered into the family joinery business from the age of thirteen. He was fitting doors and furniture in customers homes, even before he was old enough to drive. His father would take him to customers homes with a carpenters bag of tools, and let him work alone to learn the trade.
Sometimes the customers did look quite worried when they saw this 15-16 year old boy standing on the doorstep with his tools and timber, but they soon realised his passion and skill for woodwork.

As time goes by.

As the years went by Michael came more and more confident with his trade, and ventured into all types of woodwork. Including doors, windows, furniture, wood buildings, flooring, etc,  but out of all the woodwork projects he completed furniture was his favourite passion. Little did he know this would serve him well with what was about to come..

The birth of a brand.

In 2007 Michael's father Lionel decided to retire and sell the business to a local businessman. Michael had decided he wanted to explore a new venture, and in a garage at his father home a little furniture business was born called live with wood.

Over the years this business grew very quickly, moving from premises to premises, and recruiting staff to cope with the demand.

The company featured on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and several radio stations as it got recognised across the UK, with over 100K followers across social media.

Then in March 2020 Live with wood moved into its brand new premises at Unit 6 Ace Business Park, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. We now have a fully equipped workshop, offices, and soon to be completed mezzanine with showroom and display area.

So what next?

Thats a very interesting question. We have so many ideas in the pipeline, including: opening the new showroom in the workshop, expanding the product range with some great new products, growing our social media following with tips, ideas, and inspiration for your homes, and even woodwork lessons to find the next Michael Mellors-Pursglove.

And finally a message from Mick.

I always had a passion for woodwork, and even though I know times have changed, there will be a young boy or girl out there just looking for some inspiration and encouragement from someone to make them believe in themselves enough to do something with their passion or skill.

Whether it be woodwork, metalwork, plumbing, electrics or building, we need to encourage young people to do things with their hands and create amazing things..x