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Craftsmanship: The Pursuit of Excellence


Design and calculate materials.

Each and every piece made in our Chesterfield workshop starts with a design and cutting list. We consider the timber, ironmongery and finish needed.



Timber selection.

With the cutting list in hand we will then visit our timber storage area to select the timber required. If the timber isn’t a stocked item we will contact one of our many quality suppliers to order them in. When choosing the timber we only use first class materials that have come from sustainable sources.


Preparation of the Materials.

When we have our materials we take them to our machining area where we use one our many traditional woodworking machines, some of which date back to the 1950’s. We use machines of this age so we can get a traditional hand-made finish to our furniture.



The Build.

With all the materials machined to size it’s time to start the assembly process. During this process we will use traditional joinery, with joints like dovetails, mortise and tenon and dowels to give your furniture a real classic look.

We also use quality adhesives and fixings so your furniture will last a lifetime.


Finishing and Waxing.

When your furniture is finally built, it’s time to apply the finish. Whether it’s paint or wax we only use the very best quality products.

Wax finish: The wax finish we use is made by Fiddes. It’s a natural beeswax, and is available in three colours Stripped pine, Rugger brown and Jacobean.

Paint finish: If it’s a paint finish required we have the complete range of Farrow and Ball chalk paint colours available. Farrow and Ball have been making paints since 1946, and the paint we use is totally water based to protect the environment. When applying the paint our painter will apply it in the traditional way with a quality brush, this gives the furniture a real hand made look.


Fitting of the Ironmongery.

With the finish applied we will look at the ironmongery you have selected and collect it from our ironmongery stock. If you have requested anything special, the ironmongery would arrive from one of our quality suppliers from all over the world. Our cast iron range comes from India where it is all hand made, and our brass and chrome fittings are normally Italian. If you prefer, you can also supply your own fittings for one of our fitters to fit for you.


Final quality check.

Now the creation is complete, and it’s time for a final quality check before it leaves for its new home. We check the size and colour is perfect, and make sure any ironmongery, catches are working as they should. Then it’s time to get the piece ready for collection. This is quite an emotional time for us, as we’ve spent hours or maybe days creating this item for you, putting our love and care into making it perfect for you, and now we have to say goodbye. The only consolation is knowing you will get years of enjoyment from the things we create at Live with wood. x

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