The Process

Every process starts with a step 1.

Our step 1 is to plan, design and calculate which materials will be needed to produce your order for you. We only use the very best materials, which are all from sustainable sources.

Once the materials have been calculated, it’s time to source the very best sustainable materials from our large group of suppliers so we can produce your order for you.
Every piece of quality timber we use has come from a sustainable forest, but we don’t stop there on our environmentally friendly mission. Our workshop is fitted with energy-saving lighting, heating, and we turn all our waste into other environmentally friendly products, like our eco-friendly firewood, and all our wood shavings which are recycled into animal bedding. You see we really are as passionate about protecting our amazing planet, as we are about making amazing products. 

Once the materials arrive and are selected, it's time to use our traditional woodworking machines and tools to prepare the timber to the size and shape we need for the item we are creating. We use traditional machinery and tools as they give us the hand-made finish we require.

When the wood is the correct size and shape for our creation, we will then mark-out for joints and fixings. Again we traditional joints as much as possible, like Dovetail, Mortise and tenon and halving lap joints.

When all the joints have been cut, it's time to start assembly. This is the first time our creation will start to take shape. When we assemble the product we will use quality PVA and Foam adhesives to make sure it will last a life-time.

Once the item is assembled its time to sand all over. This sanding is not just for smoothness, it also opens the pores of the wood to give the wax or paint a better surface to adhere to.

Now it's time for the finish to be applied. We only use environmentally friendly water based chalk paints, and natural beeswax. We have a range of three wax finishes (Stripped pine, Rugger brown and Jacobean), as well as offering the complete colour range of Farrow & Ball. All our paints and waxes are applied by hand to give that hand-made finish.

If the item needs ironmongery, this is the time it will be fitted. We stock a large amount of hand-made cast ironmongery, but also have access to any bespoke request you may have. 

And thats it, the furniture will finally be quality checked and cleaned, then will be placed in our collection area, ready for its new owner to collect it.

I hope this helps you understand the great love and passion we put into everything we create at Live with wood.

We hope you enjoy your furniture as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. ❤️