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Three Amazing Wax Colours Available.

Here at Live with wood we are the only company to offer you all our products in Three amazing Wax Colours, so no matter what your theme or existing furniture is we will have something just right for you..

STRIPPED PINE: This is the lightest of our Three wax finishes, it is ideal if you need a light and modern look. Stripped pine is a very good match for Oak.

RUGGER BROWN: This is our medium wax colour. You will find most Rustic furniture retailers only offer this colour, but we found people wanted more choice and thats why we started offering the lighter Stripped pine and the darker Jacobean. If you are matching up to other rustic furniture this is probably the one for you.

DARK JACOBEAN: This is our darkest wax Jacobean, its not everybody's cup of tea but it is getting more and more popular as time goes on. This wax is ideal for matching up to the Dark Mango type of furniture.