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Eco Friendly Heating

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With the prices of gas and electric heat reaching record highs, many UK households are considering switching to cheap and plentiful wood heat. But with the news media full of conflicting reports on the environmental impact of wood fuel, many people are justifiably worried about making the jump.

Is our wood fuel an environmentally friendly ?

Answer: YES

Here at eco wood fuel all our wood is seasoned joinery quality firewood.

This means the moisture content ranges from 8-15%. From May 2022 all pre-packed firewood must be under 20% moisture content to reduce the impact on our amazing planet.

Also to add to this, all our wood fuel is supplied in environmentally friendly paper sacks which are stitched shut with eco-friendly thread.

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Make lighting your fire really easy with these premium kiln dried fire kindling sticks. Sourced from responsibly managed sustainable forests, this kindling wood is made from the finest spruce and pine and dried to create a moisture content of under 10%.

Use to light indoor and outdoor fires including:

  • Home Hearths & Open Fires
  • Wood Stoves
  • Fire Pits, Chiminea's & BBQs
  • Grills & Pizza Ovens
  • Camp Fires

Sustainably-Sourced, All-Natural Materials: Our kindling is made from the finest, sustainably-sourced spruce and pine, which is kiln-dried to extra-low moisture levels of under 10%.

Easy to Store: The product comes in our plastic-free paper packaging, which is durable and easy to store.

Amazing Value: Each paper sack comes with 4 kg of kindling, which is enough to last you a very long time.

NOW £5 per sack


Our Ready to Burn firewood comes in paper packaging, which is 100% plastic-free, so you can buy with peace of mind knowing that your kiln-dried wood is not only good for your fireplace, but for the planet as well. Eco-wood fuel's Dried firewood is both practical and beautiful. Its low moisture content means they burn well with high heat output. Our firewood sacks can give you so many different benefits.

Kiln Dried Pine Advantages:

  • Easy to handle paper sacks that make storage easy
  • Ultra-low moisture content of around 10%.
  • Chunky wood that looks great and is supplied in various sizes
  • 100% Natural sourced from responsibly managed forests
  • Suitable for everything from open fires and wood burners to fire-pits and pizza ovens
  • Each sack weighs between 7-8kg (wood is a natural product, so it’s not always easy to determine the weight of each sack). 

NOW £5 per sack


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